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REELise empowers young people to create a positive digital future.

We believe in an online world where there is respect for difference and  kindness towards others, where we post content to connect, support and inspire; and where we shine a light for others to follow.

Sadly that’s not always the online world that young people encounter with cyberbullying and other online pressures often overshadowing the enormous potential of digital technology and platforms.

So we position young people to get out there and create the online environment they want to inhabit.  We equip young people with skills to manage online challenges and provide platforms to grow and showcase their content creation and leadership skills.  We support, showcase and reward positive content and we educate peer leaders to drive good digital citizenship in their school communities.

You can check out the work of our 2018 finalists in the REELise Film Festival and REEL Voices Competition below.  Head to our competition page if you’d like to be part of our 2019 showcase.

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2018 REELise Film Festival Finalists:


2018 REEL Voices Finalists