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Lead the movement towards a world free from cyberbullying.

For Schools:

REELise can help your students create a safe and supportive environment.  REELise Revolution Days are designed to empower your students to take united action against cyberbullying.  A REELise Revolution usually involves:

  • General discussion about cybersafety and cyberbullying led by an experienced police youth liaison officer;
  • Taking the REELise Pledge ;
  • Surveying your students about their views and experiences.  An online REELise cyberbullying survey can be utilised for this purpose;
  • Team based activities to broaden awareness about your school’s anti cyberbullying campaign.

Combining your REELise Revolution with a themed mufti day is a great way to draw attention to your campaign and encourage communication at home.

Register here so we can help you arrange your Revolution Day.

For Students:

You can sign up on your own as a REELise Revolutionary by: