You just need a mobile phone …

All you need is a mobile phone and a story idea and you can get started.

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Want your talents showcased at the next REELise Film Festival?  Register your details and we can keep you informed about the student film and REEL Voices competitions.  It could be the start of an awesome career in content creation!  Imagine walking the red carpet.  Accepting that award.  You can say it all began with a little pocket short created on your mobile phone when you were in school.  Register here.


Here are some helpful online resources for aspiring REELise filmmakers:


Freesound – free to join community for downloading creative commons sounds effects (check the licencing and attribute as necessary)

Screen Australia for lots of great information about film making

Soundsnap – join for music & sound effects

YouTube Encoding – a great breakdown of how to export for youtube including how to letterbox

Youtube toolbox – tips for making stronger films