Using REEL voices to inspire change…

REELise is a movement by young people to create a safe space online.  Formed in 2013 in response to local police concerns about the impact of cyberbullying on youth mental health, we recognise change has to be driven by the actions and stories of young people.  Through programs like the REELise Film Festival, we harness the same devices and platforms used for bullying and other social harms to foster creativity, communication and connection and inspire positive change.

Our programs:

  • Build empathy and inspire positive action.
  • Support student leadership.
  • Encourage teamwork, creativity and critical thinking.

We run free competitions for students to create content about navigating life online. The best are screened annually in VMAX at Event Cinemas to educate and inspire.

Importantly, we focus on risk AND opportunity for young people living in a digital world.

In summary, REELise empowers tomorrow’s digital voices.

As a result, we were awarded Most Innovative Community Project in 2016 and 2017.

The REELise Team

Our team are all volunteers.  We are parents, teachers, health care professionals, students, social media influencers, business leaders and filmmakers.  While we are all very different, we share a passion.  We all want to empower young people to create a better online world.

Co-founder Karen Hamilton was 2017 Local Woman of the Year.  Co-founder Yasmin London is Australia’s favourite dancing cop.

Our Board Members are:

Karen Hamilton (Managing Director)

Emma Hamilton (Youth Council Director)

Pascale Drever

Gareth Kidd

Kirk Marcolina

David Mott

Guy Russell

Amelia Seeto

REELise Youth

Programs to empower young people need first to listen to them.

So, we involve young people in all aspects of what we do.

The REELise Youth Council is our youth leadership team.  They guide development and support delivery of our programs and events.

They are supported by our REEL Voices.  These are young content creators who act as online ambassadors to inspire positive change.


Our Ambassadors understand the pressures today on young people.  They are great role models.  Each shows the power of authenticity in living your best online life.  Our ambassadors are:

Abbie Chatfield

Alan Tsibulya

Jake Rich

Scott Tweedie

For more information contact [email protected].