Volunteer Application – REELISE


Volunteer and meet some interesting and creative people along the way.

Your volunteer time can be credited as an internship or work experience for university or college courses or job applications.

If you’re a filmmaker, be part of our expert advisory and mentoring team to inspire the next generation of filmmakers for a cause.



Please read through the volunteer statement and make sure you agree to its terms before you submit your application. By submitting an application you are taken to have understood the terms of volunteering for the REELise Film Festival and to have agreed to comply with them if chosen.

  1. I understand that by volunteering for the REELise Film Festival, I become a willing representative of REELise Inc. and will conduct myself appropriately at all times during volunteer work.
  2. I understand the smooth running of the REELise Film Festival depends on the work of volunteers and therefore I promise to be punctual and reliable.
  3. I will do my best to give the appropriate contact person at least 24 hours’ notice if I am unable to fulfil my commitments as scheduled.
  4. I agree to undertake any work of the REELise Film Festival in a responsible and safe manner and to comply with any particular Occupational Health & Safety related instructions I am given. If I’m unsure or concerned about the health or safety aspect of any of the work I am undertaking, I will seek advice.
  5. I will attend a volunteer induction or briefing session if required.
  6. I understand I will receive no financial compensation in exchange for my volunteer work.
  7. If I am under 18, my parent/guardian ha explained the terms above and agreed to them on my behalf.