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Screening pocket films by young people about life, love and survival in a digital world and offering roving and stage entertainment, it’s fun for all ages.  To find out how to enter, head to our competition page.

Congratulations to our talented 2020 Finalists.  Our winners will be announced soon!

Junior Division

Animals on Earth by Josephine Hatherall

Silence Speaks by Sachin Coe

The Mystery Sound by Eva van Veldhuisen

Turning Back by Sofia Russo

Intermediate Division

An Identically Different World by Felix Hatherall and Luca Lewis

Fake it Till You make it by Sienna Martino

Friends? by Aisea Tutanekai

Imperfect by Charlotte Cooper

Who are You? by Bella Merlino

Senior Division

Come Follow Me by Stephanie Orlovic

Everywhere, Everyday, Always by Kaelan Angelo

Following by Nicholas McNaulty

Second Chance by Zac Shaw

Stop Following the Crowd by Jaimee Moretti

Time for a Climate Change by Madison Firth

REEL Voices

Madison Firth

Nellie Smith




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