Join us at the Festival

The 2019 REELise Film Festival will screen in VMAX at Event Cinemas Bondi Junction on 18 May 2019.  Entertainment starts from 4.00pm.

Screening pocket films by young people about life, love and survival in a digital world and offering roving and stage entertainment, it’s fun for all ages. Show your support and find out what really goes on.  TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE. Book here:

Congratulations to our talented 2019 Finalists.

PEOPLES CHOICE VOTING IS NOW OPEN in the REELise Film Festival pocket film competition “seen”.  Text the voting code for your favourite film to 0407 288 400.

718 Thousand Hours by Kate Snashall – Voting Code 90006

Alone Together by Madison Firth – Voting Code 90007

Conscience by Holly Clements – Voting Code 90008

Dentro by Daniel Nailand – Voting Code 90009

Look Around by Marnie McCubbin – Voting Code 90010

Mineblox – Be Seen To Stand Out by Max Moss – Voting Code 90011

Missed Call by Lara Balog – Voting Code 90012

Seen by Harry Evans – Voting Code 90013

Seen (Treacherous Waters) by Centennial Park School – Voting Code 90014

Social Reality by Zac Shaw – Voting Code 90015

Too Late by Bella Merlino – Voting Code 90016

The Courage to Be Seen by Mattia Candotti – Voting Code 90017

Wand Up Over a Witch by Amy Pearce – Voting Code 90018

What Do You See? by Kaelan Angelo – Voting Code 90019

When Two Meets One by Lily Zavattiero – Voting Code 90020




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