Revolt – REELISE

Lead the movement towards a better online environment and a world free from cyberbullying.




REELise provides a unique take on cyber safety education, using the technology already at students’ fingertips to:

  • reinforce key messages about good cyber citizenship;
  • encourage use of digital technology creatively and for a positive purpose;
  • build healthy online habits and media literacy;
  • create a supportive school community where bullying isn’t tolerated and reporting and peer support is encouraged.

We don’t lecture students.  We work with them to develop creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills which equip them to better navigate their online world.

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You can sign up on your own as a REELise champion of change by:

  • taking the online Pledge;
  • getting involved in our youth leadership and filmmaking programs.  For more information contact [email protected].
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