Part 1 – Pre Production

Hey there. So excited to have you here! In this Pre-Production module, we’ll explore the essential building blocks to create a great film. You’ll discover how to plan both creatively and logistically, for a film that resonates with your audience and leaves an impact, while avoiding unnecessary headaches along the way. And, our ideation and storytelling exercises will help you get those creative juices flowing. So, let’s get started.

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Part 2 – Production

It’s time to shoot! Production is where your story comes to life with the filming of each scene. We’ll focus on the variety of skill sets, including effective communication, creative flair and technological expertise, required to produce a film you can be proud of. You’ll undertake practical exercises to build your confidence in documentary filmmaking as well as a micro filming exercise to put into practice what you’ve learnt so far.

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Part 3 – Post Production

In this module, we’ll take a look at the final steps to set the tone and atmosphere of your film including cutting and assembly of raw footage, adding music, visual and sound effects, pick-ups and ADR; and graphics. You’ll also undertake practical filmmaking exercises designed to reinforce your learning experience throughout the Credential. Let’s go.

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